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Laptops, Smartphones, & iPads have changed traditional business models. Having an office is no longer necessary for many entrepreneurs who are opting for mobile operations. So, does not having an office mean you don't need business insurance? Absolutely not!  All business entities, including sole proprietors need business insurance, whether you have an office or are working out of your home or car.  Here are some examples of potential exposures for mobile operations that would be covered under a Business Owner's Policy.

  • While delivering a business package to your home, the delivery man slips and falls on ice, seriously injuring his back.  He sues you as the property owner and your business for permanent injury,  pain & suffering.  Unless your homeowners policy is endorsed to include liability coverage for your home based business, your homeowners policy will not cover the claim, nor will it provide legal representation for your business.
  • You're making a presentation at  your local library.  You plug in your equipment leaving the power cord exposed.  After the presentation, a patron trips over your cord.  He falls and hits his head on the corner of a table.  He has a concussion and is taken to the hospital.   Before your presentation, you signed a "facility use agreement" holding the library harmless and indemnifying them for any bodily injury or property damage claim.    And now you are responsible for paying over $5000 in medical expenses.  

  • You're driving your car on the way to a client meeting.  A  call comes in on your cell phone, you reach to answer it, taking your eyes off the road for a couple of seconds.  The car in front of you suddenly stops and you rear end it going 35 MPH.  The attorney for the injured party sues you as the owner of the vehicle and your business as a party involved in the accident.  Your personal auto policy will cover you and your defense; however, it will not cover or defend your business.   Adding Hired and Non-Owned Auto coverage to a CGL or BOP would cover this situation.  The cost of this coverage can be as little as $180 per year.
  • Your laptop containing Protected Information (credit card numbers, birthdates, social security numbers, or medical records) is stolen.  By law you must notify your clients of the security breach and provide them with one year monitoring of their credit.  Data Breach protection can be added to some CGL or  BOP policies for an additional premium.   

Why take a chance in having an uncovered, costly liability claim when a business owner's policy can be as little as $350* a year?  Please give us a call for more information or click here to complete our online quote form. 

Learn more about what's covered under a Business Owner's Policy.

*Depending on the type of business.


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