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When you receive your auto policy do you actually read it?  Probably not, and honestly I don't blame you - it's awful reading! 


But there is information in your policy that is REALLY important such as the definition of YOU.  YOU is the person or persons listed on your Declarations Page as Named Insured.  YOU should be the owner or owners of the auto.  YOU can also be your spouse who lives with YOU but is not listed as a Named Insured.  YOU has special rights, such as making changes to the policy, filing a claim, renting a car and more. YOU has the broadest protection in the personal auto policy.
The policy will automatically cover a spouse who is not named as an insured as a YOU when they are living in YOUR household.  However, should the spouse move out, he or she is no longer protected as a YOU.  For a husband and wife, both should be listed as Named Insureds because if they ever separate both will be fully protected and have equal rights.
Relatives are given certain protections under your auto policy when they are living in your household. But once they move out, coverage is limited even if they are listed on your policy as a driver. For example, if they rent a car, your policy will not extend coverage to them while driving the rental car.  If they are injured as a pedestrian or in an auto other than your insured auto, they would not be covered under the Uninsured Motorist, or Medical Payments coverages. 
It may be best that when your children leave the nest, they get their own auto insurance policy in their name. And be sure the car is also titled in their name.  If they will not be owning a vehicle, they can have a Non-Owned Auto policy. 
Being a YOU is very important when it comes to your auto insurance protection.


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