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Chicago is a world class foodie town where restaurants can thrive, and you’ve helped to make that happen. You’ve struggled and worked hard for years to get to where you’re at today. But have you thought about what could happen to your business if an employee didn’t properly clean the work surface after handling raw meats, causing a salmonella outbreak? Or what if a grease fire gets out of control destroying your entire restaurant, along with the building you’re leasing. Maybe you don’t like to think about these things, but maybe you should – because accidents can happen, even to the best and most well run restaurants.

Protecting your livelihood, along with your patrons and staff is what we do by providing you with insurance products specifically designed for restaurants. Our agents will cater to your needs with a menu of options that will fit your budget. Whether you’re a bistro or a sub shop, we can design a program that’s right for your restaurant.

Here are just a few “a la carte” options you can pick from to protect your business:

  • Property Coverage – Protects your restaurant’s property (i.e. building, equipment, furniture, inventory) is destroyed or damaged in an insurable event such as a fire or theft.
  • Spoilage Coverage – Reimburses you for spoiled food if power is lost or equipment malfunctions causing your perishable food to spoil.
  • General Liability – Covers your legal responsibility for bodily injury or property damage you or your employee may cause as a result of your operation.
  • Data Breach Protection If your customer’s credit cards are compromised, this will cover your liability exposure along with the expense of notifying your customers and providing them with credit monitoring as required by law. (If it can happen to Target, it can happen to you too!)
  • Employment Practices Liability – Protects and defends you if you are sued by an employee(s) for things like discrimination or sexual harassment, provided the treatment was not willful. Remember, even if you are innocent, the cost of your defense could bankrupt you.
  • Equipment Breakdown – Covers the cost of repair for equipment that has broken down including cookers, refrigerators and air conditioning units. It’s worthwhile to note that if the breakdown occurs due to lack of proper maintenance, the claim may not be covered.
  • Workers Compensation – This pays for medical expenses and some lost wages should an employee be injured on the job.
  • Business Continuation – Provides ongoing income if your business is forced to shut down as a result of a covered loss. It could also pay for some of the expenses of temporary relocation of your restaurant.
  • Liquor Legal Liability – This can help pay legal expenses and claims brought on by individuals who may be injured by a customer who was drinking in your establishment.
  • Valet Liability – Covers your legal liability to customers autos while in your “care, custody, and control”.

Featuring the following comprehensive restaurant programs:

Erie Insurance Co. Restaurant UltraPack Plus
The Hartford’s Spectrum Restaurant Program
The Travelers Restaurant Pac
Metlife Restaurant Package
Prohost Restaurant Program

Call us today to see if your restaurant qualifies for one of our programs – 847-430-3342.

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