Des Plaines Fire Tragedy
January 28, 2021

Des Plaines Fire Tragedy

We at Faller Insurance Agency send our heartfelt sympathies to the Des Plaines family of Citahaly Zamiodo and her 4 young girls. This is a truly horrific tragedy for the family, their friends and community. We insure many families in Des Plaines so this is very dear to our hearts.

Please let this be a reminder to us all that life is so fragile, and take the time to check your smoke alarms TODAY to make sure the batteries are there and are working. Many times people take the batteries out because they want to use them for something else and forget to replace them, or the batteries have died. It’s important to check the smoke alarms regularly. We also recommend having a “smart smoke alarm” that can give you text alerts if you’re not home.

For your home and especially rental properties, you may want to invest in hard-wired smoke alarms. These alarms will not need batteries and are more reliable so hopefully should a fire start, the your family or tenants should have time to get out. It is also important that all units have at least 2 unobstructed ways to escape safely from any point of the unit. If it doesn’t, don’t rent it out until it does! Please check the municipal fire safety codes for your area.
 Also, did you know you only have 2 minutes after a smoke alarm goes off to get out? Knowing what to do before a catastrophe occurs can save lives because every second counts! That’s why it’s important your family has an emergency evacuation plan and practice it. Please watch this video and here is a link to the National Fire Protection Association website for more information.
Be Safe Everyone!


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