Health Insurance Agents Getting Squeezed Out
March 26, 2016

Health Insurance Agents Getting Squeezed Out

It’s been a rocky road for the Affordable Care Act.  There have been many positive aspects of the law such as:

·         No more pre-existing conditions exclusions

·         Insurance companies can’t decline an application for medical conditions

·         People who couldn’t afford coverage can now get financial assistance to pay the premium

But there have also been many negatives such as:

·         It’s made purchasing a plan a very complicated process

·         Insurance companies have lessened benefits

·         Networks have become smaller

·         Out of Network charges are larger and worst of all – unlimited

·         Premiums continue to climb at a very high rate

Regardless of how difficult health insurance has become, I’ve enjoyed being a part of the process because I’ve been able to help so many people find plans that they’ve been very happy with.  I can’t tell you how good it feels to be able to help someone who’s in the middle of cancer treatments find a plan that covers their doctors, hospital and medications.  Or to get a policy reinstated for someone who’s been struggling with the Health Insurance Marketplace because they mistakenly cancelled their coverage. When people come to me for help, they are usually very frustrated, and at times in tears.   But when they leave my office, they are so happy and grateful they finally have health insurance.  It’s truly been one of the most rewarding aspects of my job. 

Unfortunately, the latest casualties of the Affordable Care Act have been insurance agents like me.  This past open enrollment season was the most difficult and volatile.  Shortly after it began in November 2015, one by one, the insurance companies announced they would no longer be paying commissions to agents on new business.  We know for sure we will no longer be paid for Special Enrollment applications in 2016. But we don’t know what will happen for the 2017 Open Enrollment season.  Click here to read an article from the Chicago Tribune.

If you value the service I provided for you and feel consumers need their agents, would you please contact your Federal and State Representative to let them know how you feel about this matter? (Since insurance falls under state jurisdiction, and the Affordable Care Act is federal, please contact both levels if you can.)

Click here to look up your Federal Representatives

Click here to look up your State Representatives

Because I believe consumers need an agent’s expertise and advice, now more that ever before, I will continue to help people apply for health insurance.  However, when I am not being compensated by the insurance company, I have no alternative but to charge a service fee.  Please click here to review the service fee agreement.  

Maggie Nessim, CIC
Faller Insurance Agency

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