A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words – Use your Faller Mobile App!
March 30, 2015

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words – Use your Faller Mobile App!

Several weeks ago, I was parked at my local grocery store, and as I was waiting for traffic to clear so I could back out, I glanced at my drivers side I see a car, barrelling into a spot next to me.  A spot that was mostly obstructed by a ten foot mountain of snow.   I thought to myself, “is she crazy trying to fit into this spot?”  And just that moment, bang!  She hit my car.  But she didn’t even notice, and continued to park, leaving me only two inches to open my door and squeeze out. 

As I stood behind her car, I watched her struggling, sliding down the pile of snow, and thought, “all this trouble to get the spot closest to the store?”  She stepped onto the concrete, and I approached her, politely asked “Did you know you just hit my car?”  She looked at me, and to my surprise flat out denied it.  “I never touched your car!” she boldly said.  I replied, “Yes, you hit my car.  I was in the car.  I heard and felt the crash.  Come here, look at the damage.”  She looked, and said that must have been there before.  I said, let’s exchange insurance information and let the insurance companie deal with it.  And again to my surprise, she refused to give me her insurance information.  At that point, I had to make the decision to get the police involved.  It was clear she was not being rational and I needed help. So I got my phone out, opened my Faller Mobile App, called 911, and asked the police if they would come out to help me even though this was a parking lot incident.  Luckily they agreed to help. 

While waiting for the officer to arrive,  I jotted some details in the Faller Mobile App, and took photos of the mountain of snow, the distance between the cars, and the damage to my car.  When the police officer came, he took statements from each of us.  He saw her car had fresh damage corresponding to my story and when he asked her about it, she said the damage has been there a long time!  This woman even had the nerve to lie to an officer.  He took the report, gave each of us a copy, and we all went our separate ways. 

When I got home, I immediately called her insurance company to file a claim.  They took the information and said an adjuster will get back to me.  Two days, three days, one week went by and no call from the adjuster, so I called again.  The representative said they were investigating the claim because “their insured denies hitting my car.”  I again explained the situation to them. I also sent them the photos I had taken with my Faller Mobile App. The next day an appraiser came to look at my damage, and they agreed to cover 100%!  Hooray!   

The moral of the story is, if you are involved in an accident – use your Faller Mobile App! Take pictures of the scene including the intersection and directional signs, take pictures of their damage, of your damage, anything you can think of.  The more the adjuster can visualize, the easier it will be for them to determine responsibility.  You can also take a picture of the driver’s Auto ID card instead of writing or entering it.  The Faller Mobile App can help you win your case! 

We have an android and iphone version you can download to your smartphone.  The Faller Mobile App is free! So share it with your friends and family.  It also has some really nice features such as looking up a tow service in your area, finding the nearest gas station, and more. 

Click here to download the app….
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If you have any technical difficulties, please give us a call or email us at info@fallerinsurance.com.

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