Breaking News – Buyer BEWARE!
November 4, 2013

Breaking News – Buyer BEWARE!

Recently the website added a new feature to their website – the ablity to get a quote without having to register and enter personal information.  But it has come to my attention that the new rating tool is not giving consumers accurate rates.

It lumps everyone into 2 catagories
1) 49 or Under – you will get rates for a 27 year old
2) 50 or Older – you will get rates for a 50 year old

However, the actual rates are specific to your age.  The rate for a 63 year old can be almost double the rate of a 50 year old.  For example a 50 year old Platinum plan may cost $653, but for a 63 year old it will cost $1080, a gross misrepresentation for the true cost of insurance for most individuals using the tool.

Make sure you are getting accurate rates.  Talk to a health insurance agent who can quote on or off Or go to the carrier’s website.  If you’re in IL you can give us a call or use our quoting tool for Blue Cross/Aetna and Humana rates.  (make sure you select a 1/1/2014 effective date – On Exchange Plans.) 
Faller Health Insurance Marketplace

I also found that CBS reported this on October 23rd.  Why it isn’t all over the news is beyond me!
Click here to watch their report –

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