Good-bye Snow, Hello Flooding…
February 24, 2014

Good-bye Snow, Hello Flooding…

Good-bye Snow, Hello Flooding… 

It goes without saying that we’ve had lots of snow this winter! This season is on record for being the 5th snowiest ever in Chicago, with 66.8 inches so far. And with the weather warming up soon, melting the snow and saturating the ground, we need to start thinking about the possibility of flooding. Last week we started seeing flooding and there may be more to come in the near future. Here are some things for you to consider:

  • Unless it’s specifically listed on your homeowners declarations page, Back-up of Sewers and Drains is not covered. You can add this coverage for an additional premium.
  • Seepage is not covered.
  • Flooding from ground water run-off or rising waters is not covered. Consider purchasing a Flood Insurance policy.
  • If your sump pump fails, your policy would not cover the damage unless you have Back-Up of Sewers and Drains coverage.
  • Even if you’ve never had flooding in the past, that doesn’t mean you’ll never have flooding in the future. For example, if your neighbor installs a flood control system, that water is going to go somewhere else… and it maybe to your home next time.

If you are concerned about flooding, please call or email us to get the protection you need. Life

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