Health Insurance Sticker Shock
October 14, 2013

Health Insurance Sticker Shock

While there are many benefits of the Affordable Care Act such as:

    – Guaranteed acceptance for individuals with pre-existing conditions
    – Wellness benefits
    – 10 Essential Health Benefits – click here to learn more

However the new plans that have just been unvailed in and out of the Illinois Public Exchange have been received with mixed feelings.  If you’ve had insurance and have to convert your plan to an ACA compliant plan, you will see higher deductibles – $4,500 or even $6,000.  Plus you will most likely see higher premiums. Health Insurance as we know it has changed.  Individuals will have more out of pocket expenses for medical procedures, however keep in mind there are less out of pocket costs for Wellness benefits.  You may have to choose a different plan, network, or move from a PPO to an HMO to keep your costs down. 

If you didn’t catch this article in the Chicago Tribune – it’s worth reading.

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