Working out of your home?
August 17, 2013

Working out of your home?

Are you working out of your home as an independent contractor, consultant, or tech guru?  If you think your homeowners insurance will cover a business related loss, think again.  Business exposures are excluded from homeowners, renters and condo policies.  Certain businesses that make under $2500 per year may be covered, but you need to check with your agent.  Here’s an example of a classic type of claim:

 —  You order some business supplies.  It’s winter time, and the delivery person slips and falls on your icy walkway.  He is now filing suit against your business and you personally, as the owner of the property.  You file a claim with your homeowners carrier but because it’s a business related loss, your claim is denied!  Plus you have to hire your own attorney which could cost you tens of thousands of dollars! 

You can avoid this type of financial and emotional devastation by purchasing a Business Owner’s Policy.  Depending on your class of business, a “BOP” can cost as little $350 per year.   Or if money is tight, a basic General Liability policy can be as little as $150.

If you don’t have coverage, call us today!  We represent some of the finest business insurance carriers and can get you covered quickly and easily.

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